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The computing industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning (which were purely academic curiosities a decade ago) are now driving your car, filtering your Google searches, and predicting your next iPhone text. But even your iPhone X – in all its Animoji glory – isn’t capable of much in isolation. You couldn’t use your iPhone (or most computers) to edit a movie or produce music, to power an AR/VR headset, or even to to analyze large amounts of data.

Instead, you might try the cloud; but that’s expensive and high-latency. Your last resort might be to spend a month’s salary on a datacenter for your home, and, like countless researchers in dusty university laboratories, strap it to your back, and gobble up your data plan for computation on the go (yeah, that’s a real thing). Clearly, in practice, performing large computational tasks cheaply, quickly, and conveniently is impossible. But what if I told you there was another solution – one that could allow you to access nearly limitless computational power from your device of choice at a fraction of the cost of current state of the art cloud services?

​Enter Hypernet.

​Hypernet has found an elegant, efficient solution to these computational needs by salvaging wasted processing power. Paradoxically, though computation is an enormously valuable commodity, most Americans have desktops, smartphones, and even toasters with processors that waste away hours without use. Even though each of these processors is limited on its own, enough of these devices together can surpass the abilities of even state of the art supercomputers; and they are only becoming more common. With Hypernet you will be able to rent out your otherwise wasted computing power to other people that want to use it – and be paid for it!

Hypernet isn’t a computer – it’s a community.

​Hypernet allows sellers to rent out a slice of their idle processor power. First, sellers register their devices on the Hypernet and set a price for time on their device. Then, much like traditional cloud services, buyers write a program as they normally would, and request computation-hours on a certain number of devices with a minimum specification to run their program. Hypernet ensures that buyer’s program is split up and securely sent to each of the requisitioned devices, handles arbitrage between users, verifies work done by sellers, and generally makes sure the process goes smoothly. We know – it seems simple – but this form of parallel computing has never been done before, and we think it’s going to change the world.

​Hypernet is new for a variety of technical reasons. First, our approach to computing works for almost all types of problems, while competitors in distributed computing have only tried to approach the simplest class of programs, called grid computing. In lay terms, this means that if you wanted to render an image like in a video game, you might have multiple service options; but, for more sophisticated tasks, you’d be looking to Hypernet. Second, we use an algorithm based on distributed average consensus that was designed from the ground up for dynamic, distributed, and decentralized networks of devices, and we’ve shown mathematically that it is guaranteed to return the right answer to buyers efficiently and at a low cost. If you want to hear more about our technical innovation, get in touch with us on Telegram– we’d be happy to nerd out with you.

​​Hypernet’s technology, pioneered by a plucky group of Stanford engineers, is poised to change the world by making high-performance parallel computing a consumer good. Currently, only large corporations can truly benefit from massively parallel computing by exploiting their oligopoly on consolidated computing power. We want that power to be available to you too, so you can take on ambitious, novel, massively parallel projects in big data, AI, and modeling with the tools to compete against the likes of Google, Amazon, and Facebook – and win.We want to give you, from armchair AI developer to smartphone savant, the tools to take on problems like climate change, world hunger, poverty, and economic instability, with all the power in the world.
YOU are the only missing piece in our community – and we can’t wait to see what great new things you do on our platform.

Welcome to Hypernet.

– Ivan Ravlich, CEO and the Hypernet team

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