Team Building 2019

Hypernet team, Palo Alto, March 2019

Spring 2019 at Hypernet has seen the successful test of the computing protocol across 1000 machines around the world as well as the release of our first Alpha product for the compute demand side of our network. The team in California also moved from our house close to Cupertino (and the original Apple Garage) into an office in Palo Alto. We outgrew our original location as we began to scale up in order to bring full utility to the network, create a groundbreaking B2C product, and build our user base. While we are keeping our burn rate low during this phase of product development, the team has grown considerably over the past several months and we’d like to introduce you to our newest members!

John Drexler

John Drexler, Hypernet’s Chief of Staff, is focused on company operations and communication, team building, and product-market strategy. John joined us from the venture capital fund Sovereign’s Capital, where he was a Senior Associate working on the due-diligence/investment team and assisting with portfolio management. He previously served as a Management Associate at Siloam Hospitals (IDX:SILO), as Marketing Manager on Summit Healthcare’s founding team in Jakarta. He studied economics at Covenant College. John has been absolutely critical to the reorganization of intra-company communication. Synergy between engineering, product development, business development, and marketing has been incredibly strong over the past months as a result of his efforts.

Conrad Bailey

Conrad Bailey is a full-stack engineer focused on Hypernet’s first Alpha product, the demand-side portal to the network. He arrived directly after earning his B.S. in computer science from the University of Notre Dame, but this wasn’t his first trip to Silicon Valley. In 2017 he was one of only ten students to be selected for the Silicon Valley Semester program, in which he participated as an intern in Palo Alto maintaining a full academic courseload. During his internship he explored finely tuned, parallel solutions for large scale numerical methods and wrote a linear algebra library for Prolog. At Notre Dame, he worked with the Cooperative Computing Laboratory to bring cloud functionality to WorkQueue: a framework for master-worker applications that can span thousands of cores. Conrad’s work with the engineering team greatly accelerated our progress towards the release of our first Beta, which we anticipate very soon.

Elliot Shohet

Elliot Shohet joined the team in February as a Blockchain Engineer. He hit the ground running and has been helpful on a number of different fronts. Elliot started programming at the age of 12, attained a computer science degree from UC Davis, and joined the blockchain space in 2013 when he first discovered bitcoin. In 2017, he started smart contract development for the Ethereum blockchain, and he has served as a developer and advisor for blockchain companies. Elliot brings a variety of skills and experiences to the team. We’re thrilled to have him on board as we build the blockchain scheduler, a crucial component of the Hypernet marketplace for compute power.

Antoine Estienne

Antoine Estienne is an outstanding blockchain engineer who is, along with Elliot, helping to architect the blockchain piece of Hypernet. Antoine is passionate about decentralization and peer to peer technologies, as well as their implications in our lives. He discovered the power of blockchain when he was finishing his Master of Science in Paris and exploring crowdfunding technologies for renewable energy projects. Thanks to his dual American and French citizenship, he was able to work in both countries to acquire skills in this quickly growing domain.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson joined the team in February as our Communication and Market Strategist. She brings a social science background to Hypernet, with a PhD from Columbia University in political science, specialized in political theory and international relations. She is experienced with social scientific tools for understanding market power dynamics and social climate, which helps her to effectively and strategically nurture relationships between Hypernet, its stakeholders, and its users. As communication lead, Jennifer is articulating and helping to implement a vision of the future in which our business model is aligned with users’ intentions, needs, values, and vision for their lives.

Iain Carson

Iain Carson joined Hypernet in March as Marketing Manager and Director of Content. Iain comes to the team with a background of over 10 years of experience in film and television production, including working for CBS and Lionsgate, and over 5 years of marketing experience with The Walt Disney Company. He is excited to bring engaging multimedia experiences in the coming months to the Hypernet community. Iain will be developing visual content and working with other members of the marketing and communication team to manage digital marketing.

Dan Luo

Dan Luo is our most recent hire, who we were happy to welcome as a member of the engineering team this month. Dan studied computer science and Japanese at UCSB and then learned web development at the App Academy bootcamp. Dan is an outstanding Front End developer and will be focused on our Alpha product. He has hit the ground running, and he is already delivering major value to the team.

As you can see, our engineering, communication, and marketing teams are taking shape, and we’re extremely excited to have more capacity to build and successfully launch the product! Thank you to all of our supporters who have believed in us and our mission to democratize computing resources and make strides in responsible data science.