September 2019 Roadmap Update

By October 1, 2019 No Comments

We are steadily moving forward in our product roadmap, and exciting times are ahead. We are now in the “Powered Ascent” phase of our map, carrying out closed beta testing of the Hypernet access portal and internal testing of our blockchain payment channels and mechanics.

We’ve been working hard recruiting selected users who are eager to test drive the Hypernet testnet for their scientific computing workloads. To be clear, scientific computing is a necessary component of all research and engineering, carried out across industries, in the private sector, public sector, and academia. It includes data analysis and all work involving simulations. It’s clear that we are poised to solve critical pain-point problems for a broad range of scientific computing users. As testing continues, the engineering team is solving problems quickly and prioritizing building the most in-demand features.

While we’ve been working with test users — on both the demand and supply sides of the network, through several phases of the development process — , we’re now happy to announce that there are daily active researchers using the beta Hypernet portal application to carry out their professional computational work!

“The great news is that I’m so used to using the Hypernet portal (it’s really easy and convenient) that when it’s down I feel much less productive! Point is, it’s super useful.” — Active test user in the energy sector

A major feature of the access portal is its ease of use. Currently, it is common for researchers and engineers to feel that they are spending more time building their tools from scratch than they’re spending in their areas of expertise. This is true whether they are using their own machines, computers in a lab or office they can access, or cloud. Hypernet simplifies the entire equation. The goal of the Hypernet portal is for users to be able to purchase extra compute power through a blockchain-enabled marketplace and manage their own access to their machines, even if they will not be offering these machines on the supply side of Hypernet.

Testing deployment on embedded devices

As you know, members of our community have already taken part in supply-side testing through Project Magellan. As projected in the roadmap plans, we’ve now begun to merge supply- and demand-side testing with a select few Project Magellan members, and we will be onboarding more of them over the next few weeks in a controlled way.

After we move forward with the merge, the coming steps for Project Magellan will be to begin testing the blockchain payment channels and network governance features, which are currently undergoing rigorous internal testing and scrutiny. We look forward to this next phase in the roadmap.