Samy Biyadi

Samy Biyadi has graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure and Ecole Polytechnique, both among the best academies in France, with a strong background in applied physics. After completing his Master’s degree, Samy worked successively for the corporate venture capital arm of the French oil & gas major, Total S.A, and the M&A department of SunPower where he conducted several successful investments in the areas of smart-grids, energy storage, and mobility. He notably held various board member positions in software startups in the US and in Europe, such as AutoGrid, Cosmo Tech and Sunverge.

Convinced that the blockchain technology was here to stay, he has actively looked into the domain since 2014 and has participated in several ICOs. After having financed fast-growing businesses, Samy is excited to cross the other side of the fence and to actively participate to build the future of decentralized computing.

In his free time, Samy enjoys running, reading and practicing muay-thai.