Project Magellan: We Have Lift-Off

By June 18, 2019 No Comments

Hypernet is on a mission to accelerate the entire range of scientific and high-performance computing in both academic research and industry, thereby crafting an unprecedentedly seamless experience on the blockchain. We intend to do this by providing a one-stop tool to allow anyone, working with any kind of scientific workload, to seamlessly run their code on any machine they choose — without the need to set up a VM or waste time configuring remote login and installation.

Last Wednesday, with the help of our Project Magellan test group, our supply side portal to the Hypernet testnet went live.

Ivan Ravlich sending jobs and live chatting with the Project Magellan group.

Our engineers have already completed over 200 compute jobs using supporters’ machines, located all over the world. This success is a significant step towards implementation of the full Hypernet vision.

The Hyperoffice during the live test.

Leveraging our supporters’ unique expertise from their time in the blockchain space, Project Magellan is an invaluable part of helping the Hypernet team craft the buyer-seller interaction and user experience. By allowing us to run the first iteration of tests with a myriad of workloads on various different machines, the Magellan users are helping us to identify and correct critical bugs and inefficiencies.

Project Magellan will continue into the summer as we test new functionalities and bring the various pieces of the Hypernet vision together for the big launch. Users’ input will directly contribute to the improvements we release on a regular basis during this time.

Dan Luo, Elliot Shohet, Conrad Bailey, Todd Chapman, and Steven Ingram.

Our dream and goal is to enable thinkers and creators by removing the barriers of access to compute power around the world. Welcome to the digital frontier.

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