Project Magellan: Into Hyperspace

Magellan Powered by Hypernet is here and ready for download on June 12th!

Through Magellan, a select group of explorer-adventurers will be testing the very first portal to Hypernet’s initial testnet. We’ve already demonstrated the Hypernet protocol’s capacity to harness 1000 virtual machines across the globe to cooperatively solve a machine learning problem. It is now time to connect the devices of this inaugural group of ‘everyday people’ to conduct further experimentation and development of the testnet.

Members of the Project Magellan group are builders and self-starters who are taking initiative with Hypernet to address daunting societal challenges, including: 1) our ever-increasing and desperate need for compute power and data processing, 2) resource depletion and climate change resulting from attempts to meet this need, and 3) barriers to access to compute power–the means of scientific discovery–for many would-be innovators.

They join the Hypernet team as we build a new computing infrastructure that will more efficiently draw upon our collective computing resources, which are shared across billions of devices around the globe.

Practically speaking, Project Magellan acts as the supply side in the under-construction blockchain enabled marketplace for compute power. Accessing the testnet is extremely simple. Members of the group will download and install a desktop app, allowing their machines to run test compute jobs sent through Hypernet, directly from the Hypernet team. That’s it! The element of simplicity will remain once Hypernet launches in its fully developed form, and suppliers will be able to earn passive income by renting out the use of their machines. We are committed to delivering a network that places users first. Working with users, on both the supply and demand sides of the network, is therefore at the center of our product development process. This is where Project Magellan fits in.

Next Steps:
The Hypernet team is scheduling private early Alpha testing sessions with the Project Magellan group starting next week. Test jobs will be launched using the testnet on an intermittent basis for the next 2-4 weeks. Project Magellan will serve as a testing ground for added features, as we fit the various technical pieces of the Hypernet vision together.

Ultimately, tech is built by humans, for humans. We’re excited to embark on this journey, towards enhancing both our technology and user experience, alongside supporters from our community.