May 2019 Hypernet Product Update

Thanks to all of you who believe in our mission to democratize computing resources and make strides in responsible data science. To bring full utility to the network and provide a complete product, we are currently focusing on three main activities: technical development, compute buyer and seller acquisition, and the creation of a B2C product that will utilize the technology we have built so far. As planned, we are releasing our technology in stages. Q1 2019 saw the Alpha testing of our first application, the gateway to Hypernet for scientists and engineers seeking to access more compute power.

Alpha Product Development

  • Initial product, launched to Alpha testers in Q1 2019
  • Demand-side portal for the blockchain-enabled marketplace for compute power
  • As of May, user-centric product development ongoing, Alpha user base growing

The Alpha product serves as the launching pad for testing the Hypernet protocol before release and as a vehicle to onboard users who have unmet needs to easily deploy code to another machine.

For those of you who have never attempted to spin up more compute power in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, we recommend you attempt it once so you can experience, first hand, the complexity involved. Once you gain access to a cloud instance (or even someone’s computer) your code dependencies need to be installed on the new machine before you can send your script to be executed remotely. Hypernet’s Alpha product simplifies all of this.

Business Development, Communication & Marketing

As development continues, the product team and engineers are prioritizing the features that will deliver the most value to our users.

Our user-centric, ease-of-use focus is one of the major differentiators between Hypernet and other blockchain-enabled computational projects.

Since users, their values, and their needs are at the core of our process, we’ve focused a lot of attention on user interviews. We are learning more and more about the fundamental problems our users need to solve, even before they consider remote code deployment as a possible solution. This research has been crucial for the purposes of product development, business development, and marketing / communication.

In April, we began to systematically categorize different user profiles so that we can become increasingly surgical in our approach to product development and feature prioritization. The BD team has made great strides in identifying which segments derive the most value from our product, as well as ways we can better serve them and locate more users with similar needs. User profiles, derived from in-depth interview data and associated market research, have also been critical for the generation of targeted communication and marketing. The marketing team has been working closely with BD to target these segments and onboard Alpha users. The close feedback loop between user interaction and product implementation is key to successfully bringing a technology to market.

Future Updates

Project Magellan, the future supply-side portal and the current gateway to the Hypernet test net, is set to launch with our exclusive group of testers in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates on that front. Thank you for joining us on this journey!