Director of Communications

Jennifer Hudson, Director of Communications, brings social scientific expertise to her work as communication and market strategist as well as her collaboration with the blockchain team on marketplace design. She has a PhD in political science / political theory from Columbia University, a Master’s degree in international affairs from Sciences Po Paris, and a BA from UCLA. Prior to joining us at Hypernet, her research focused on the dynamics of bureaucracy and democracy and the ways in which intentionally freedom-enhancing reforms can produce contradictory unintended results. She also lead the Prison Education Project at Washington University in St. Louis for 2.5 years, which she helped develop from a four-course program to a degree-granting curriculum for incarcerated students. Jennifer is articulating and helping to implement a vision of the future in which Hypernet’s business model is aligned with users’ intentions, needs, values, and vision of themselves. Aside from social theory and philosophy, she enjoys ballet, pilates, and listening to talk radio in French or German.