Co-founder, Project Lead

Ivan Ravlich is a creative, big-picture thinker who is passionate about finding solutions for large and complex problems. Along with his scholarly and professional trajectory as a theoretical physicist and bona fide rocket scientist—and his unique ability to bring great minds together—this propensity makes him the driving force behind Hypernet. While running large scale simulations on extended theories of gravity for his doctoral research, Ivan realized that the bottleneck of innovation in nearly every scientific field is the lack of available parallel computation. This inspired him to work with Todd Chapman and Daniel Maren on the development of a brand new parallel programming model that could bypass previous resource and technological hurdles to solve problems that were once intractable. This is the HyperCore. Ivan is excited at the prospect of a whole new wave of innovation, across scientific fields, that can be unleashed using this tool. Styling himself a true ‘renaissance man,’ Ivan also plays the French Horn and enjoys ballroom dancing.