Hypernet Advisor Bio: Tony Reeves

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“Unlimited opportunity”

That’s how advisor Tony Reeves describes Hypernet.

Tony is CFO of Experian Global Technologies. He has decades of experience with acquisitions, portfolio management, business planning, risk management, forecasting, and strategy. Although professionally he works on the business side of emerging technologies, he has always had an innate interest in new and promising innovations, and that interest has brought him to where he is now. As CFO of Global Technologies at Experian, his life revolves around identifying and acquiring promising new technology. They are always seaching for improved data processing and security, since assigning credit is largely based on those variables.

Tony describes Hypernet like one would describe the early days of the internet: there are so many use cases, it’s almost overwhelming. This makes it hard for many people to see the exact magnitude of how incredible Hypernet could be. Just like in 1990, no one saw the potential and versatility of the internet, and Hypernet seems to be in that same phase. For Tony though, there are four main traits which attracted him to Hypernet:

1. Raw data processing capability
2. Data privacy
3. Societal benefits
4. The team

Tony sees that many of the established tech companies haven’t yet figured out the new distributed data and computation paradigm, and are now faltering because of it. Instead of investing in innovation, they are doubling down on old technologies and trying to scale them up with things like cloud computing — which doesn’t solve the fundamental limitations of current computational models. In that sense, says Tony, Hypernet has a favorable position on the next wave of computational innovation: “It could literally unwind and change of lot of the existing infrastructure… In this big data world, we have data that’s structured, and it’s like we’ve been waiting for the compute to catch up to do with the information what we’ve been talking about for years, and it’s exciting when it shows up… With Hypernet we can get better models, with more information, with fewer people.”

The second important component of processing data is making sure it stays secure. We are all familiar now with the Equifax credit breach, and the terrible consequences it had for the company and the 150 million individuals whose personal information was stolen. Hypernet’s unique ability to maintain data privacy through on-device computation is very attractive to any company whose financial well-being depends on data-security (which is most companies).

Tony is also immensely excited for the societal benefits of Hypernet’s new computation model. He sees this as being revolutionary in poorer parts of the world, where current computation is limited or inaccessible. Providing the people in these places with a new way to connect and compute could drastically raise living standards, as well as make a path to things like education, industrialization, and digitization. They will truly be able to participate in the world in the same way we are able to right now. “There’s as much social good that could come out of this as business opportunity. You know, IBM creates a mainframe, but I’m not sure how quickly or directly that is translated to helping others.”

The last thing that attracted Tony to Hypernet is the team. He has been in several negotiations with companies which had compelling technology and business models, but he chose to walk out because of the team. In Hypernet, he sees a group of bright, pragmatic, and hard-working individuals who are driven to develop a great product.

You can learn more about Tony by checking out his LinkedIn profile.

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