Hypernet Advisor Bio: Joe Urgo

By July 4, 2018 No Comments

Hypernet’s first advisor in the blockchain space is Joe Urgo. Joe has been very active in crypto projects for several years after leaving the finance industry where he was a derivatives analyst. His financial background gave him a unique perspective on Bitcoin’s early price fluctuations, and he quickly recognized blockchain as a technological game changer. He worked at Coinbase for several years before starting his own company, Sourcerers.io. Now, he spends most of his time working on his other project, District0x, and advising blockchain companies, including Republic, Keep, Aragon, Bloom, Status, and more.

Joe was originally attracted to Hypernet due to its high-caliber team. He knew some of the founding members, and when they explained what Hypernet was doing, Joe was immediately on board with the vision. He knew of other distributed computation projects such as Golem, Sonm, and iExec, and he also recognized their limited potential — rendering is great, but not that many people need it. Hypernet’s proprietary DAC algorithm seemed much more generalizable, and overall, much more effective. Furthermore, the fact that most of the research had already been done on the technology meant that this wouldn’t be a non-starter project, since most of the leg-work had already been completed. Given Joe’s penchant for picking good projects to support, and his own success in the space, the Hypernet team was happy to have him join as an advisor.

Over the past several months, Joe has been really excited by the growth of Hypernet, and its focus on fostering a good community. With many projects neglecting the communities that make them possible, he’s happy that Hypernet admins are in the Telegram answering questions and welcoming new community members. He also sees Hypernet laying the foundations for long-term success. With so many projects building up lots of hype with little substance, he sees value in educating community members about Hypernet’s technology, and engaging in marketing in a more wholistic and positive manner.

To find out more about Joe, you can check out his LinkedIn profile.