breaking down barriers to compute power, making faster runtimes a consumer good

Hypernet’s proprietary software securely joins and combines the compute power of internet connected devices for easy access.



1. Download the Hypernet App and create a user profile.

2. Set the conditions under which you “rent out” your unused computing power.

3. Earn HyperToken whenever someone rents your processing power.

Hypernet Advantages

Simple to Get Started

Download the app and choose your settings in a simple and elegant user interface.

Simple to Deploy Code

With Hypernet’s 1-step drag and drop process, deploying code has never been so easy.

Greatly Reduced Costs

Eighty percent of cloud computing costs go into infrastructure and maintenance.  We do away with the data centers entirely.

Increased Privacy

Data is anonymized, distributed, encrypted, and differentially private.  Your data never leaves your device.

Reduced Latency

The unique software design increases efficiency and reduces latency.


You will always have full control over your device. Turn it on when you want, turn it off when you want.



This is the core innovation of Hypernet. The Hypernet algorithm is a consensus driven programming model which does away with archaic grid-computation architectures. Our programming model can synchronize computers with different hardware, specs, and operating systems to work together seamlessly to solve massive parallel computations. Based on the principle of stochasticity (as opposed to deterministic models), this programming model is perfectly suited for real world computational environments, which are often messy and unpredictable.

The Hypertoken

The Hypernet algorithm is attached to an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token to create the Hypertoken. This token facilitates the marketplace where users can buy and sell compute power around the world. The value of the token is determined by the supply and demand of compute power at any given moment. Since the user is in charge of their own machine, they determine the price of their own compute power, thus ensuring a fair market price at all times.

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About Hypernet

Hypernet was founded by a team of researchers at Stanford University who became frustrated with the cost and difficulty of acquiring compute power. As researchers, their options were to wait several months to use a university or government computer, or to pay thousands of dollars to use a cloud computer, which was a nightmare to set up. Determined to find a solution, they created the algorithm that became the seed for Hypernet.

Hypernet is creating the world’s most powerful computing resource for solving the world’s most difficult problems. We pool together the unused compute power around the world, allowing anyone to rent out their extra computing power to people who need it. The HyperToken is the key to accessing the pool of global devices brought together by the Hypernet software.  The HyperToken and Hypernet software make it possible for anyone with an internet connected device to securely buy and sell unused compute power to verified third parties.

Meet The Team

Ivan Ravlich

Todd Chapman

Daniel Maren

Christopher Hansen

Samy Biyadi

Jake Leih

Grant Webster

Anastasios Nikolas

Fernando Fuentes

Riley Schriner

Taylor Castillo

Emanuelle Bains

John Drexler

Steven Ingram

Conrad Bailey


Randall Kaplan

Tony Reeves

Joe Urgo