Good Companies are Built on Good Practices — Hypernet’s Core Values

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Hypernet is seeking to build a great company with great character… not to mention an incredible product.

The technology behind Hypernet — which enables personal computers to connect to each other and become one fully parallel supercomputer — is the tool we hope to use to change the world…

But people are the true foundation of our company.

​Hypernet is comprised of individuals who are committed to making responsible, ethical, and integrous decisions at every step along the way. We firmly believe that upholding respect and promoting trustworthiness is the only way to build a company that will continue to innovate as well in 50 years as it does in 5.

​We’ve gathered an all-star team of industry experts across multiple disciplines who have guided and advised us. We have a world-class legal team helping us to comply with evolving legal requirements. We have advisors from a variety of high-tech industries showing us how to continually increase the quality and utility of Hypernet. And leaders from multiple tokensale and blockchain projects are helping us to navigate the marketplace aspect of our project.

We want your experience using Hypernet to be fantastic, from connecting to Hypernet and running your parallel computations, to interacting with all the people who make Hypernet work. We know that you all will hold us to the highest standard of trust, security, and satisfaction, and therefore we will hold ourselves to that same standard and more. When you interact with Hypernet, you can be sure that every effort has been made to optimize your experience.

​If you want to learn more about our project, join the conversation in our online community, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter at Hypernetwork.io. We’re excited to hear from you!

Until next time,

The Hypernet Team

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