Beyond cloud.


Why Hypernet?

Galaxies of data are produced in the real world every day, but data is nothing but digital exhaust until it is processed, analyzed, and interpreted. ​This requires enormous amounts of compute power, which Hypernet (with your help) is on a mission to provide.​ Leveraging this data will open up new territory in the realms of augmented reality, real-time consumer data analytics, disaster relief intelligence, smart cities, medical research, and more.

What is Hypernet?

Hypernet is a new global architecture for computing that efficiently harnesses and combines latent compute power (on your laptops, high performance machines, phones, servers, and even gaming rigs) to help you access high-performance parallel computing quickly and easily. It combines an extremely simple access portal with a blockchain enabled marketplace for compute power.

Get Compute. Get Paid. Get Hype.

Buy and sell compute on the sharing economy model, bringing large amounts of latent compute power online.

Buyers have access to a wide variety of machines and can scale up affordably.

The beauty of efficiency, speed, and ease: Quickly and easily access more compute power or sell excess capacity using a simple portal. Access any computer anywhere.

Rely on more than just Cloud for compute heavy lifting.

Sellers earn passive income from their machines while they sleep.

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The protocol creates the serverless ecosystem where compute is on tap. It brings latent compute power online, combines it, and makes it easily accessible. Powers the decentralized marketplace.


The Hypernet API enables the processing of data in the wild, without aggregation or centralization. This allows for privacy-preserving, in-network data analytics, which will be transformative for IoT, healthcare, FinTech, smart cities, and more.

Impact and Implications


Privacy preservation is built into the architecture of the system via the programming framework. Hypernet allows researchers to extract intelligence from large data sets without collection or centralization. This has implications in medical research, sensor technology, augmented reality, and IoT applications.


Compute on tap = democratization of the means of scientific discovery. Compute power will be more accessible to a greater number of people. More great minds will have access to the means of scientific discovery, and humanity will have a higher chance of benefiting from revolutionary scientific breakthroughs.


The decentralized nature of the marketplace and protocol reduces the need for new data center construction and maintenance, providing a more sustainable solution for analyzing the oceans of data produced every day.